Mariatta Wijaya



  • Python Core Developers
    • commit right to CPython
    • Responsibilities
      • Review / Accept / Reject PRs
      • Face the consequence
      • Help contributors
      • Be the representative for Python
  • F.A.Q.
    • How can I be involved in the community?
      • Help your local meetup
      • No meetup? Start one.
      • Blog about Python or your fav library
      • Volunteer at conferences
      • Be open, considerate, and respectful
    • How can I contribute?
      • Join the communication channels
      • Report bugs
      • Propose ideas
      • Improve documentation
      • Review pull requests
      • Be open, considerate, and respectful
    • How can I contribute code?
      • Read the contribution guide
      • Work on issue
      • Propose a pull request
    • How can I contribute code to CPython?
      • Read the Dev guide
      • Join core-mentorship and python-dev
      • Find issue in bugs.python.org
      • Propose pull request
    • How to find an issue to work on?
      • Follow the repo
      • Choose an issue based on your interest and skillset
      • Do your own research on the issue
    • How to become a core developer?
      • Earn the trust from existing core devs
      • Accept responsibilities
      • Be open, considerate, and respectful

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