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  • Docker Concept


  • Optimize Goal
    1. Reducing image size
    2. Reducing build time
  • Priority
    • Fast build during development → Use slim-stretch
    • Small size during production → Use alpine

build deps are only needed when compiling but not runtimeImprovement

  • Use specific COPY statement instead of COPY ..
  • .dockerignore

delete build deps doesn't shrink image size

  • Docker Layer
    • Instructions create read-only layers
    • A new layer can't be smaller than the previous layer
    • Layers are cached and can be re-used for subsequent builds
    • Layers introduce some overhead
  • Tips
    • Combine multiple RUN statements into one
    • delete files in the same layer (instruction) where they were added
    • arrangement statement from the least changing to the most changing (system-level -> tools -> Python deps -> source code)
    • don't save deps to cache
      • pip: --no-cache-dir
      • apk: --no-cache

complicate Dockerfile and no cache during build

  • Docker multi-stage
    • Build an intermediate image with all build deps and install your app
    • Copy the result to a fresh image

Other Tips

  • Bind mount source code instead of COPY in local dev env
  • PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1 -> print to stdout without buffering
  • PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=1 -> no *.pyc files

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