Russell Keith-Magee


Where do you see Python in 10 years?

  • Python's Black Swan

  • Black Swan

    • 1: Everyone uses a laptop?
      • What happens to Python when laptop no longer exist?
    • 2: Python can stay on the server
    • 3: Installation is a solved problem
    • 4: Code distribution doesn't matter

America Cup

  • Lesson 1: It's not enough to just follow the rules. You have to ensure the competition is fair.
  • Lesson 2: Watch out for Black Swans
    • Challenge the assumption
  • Lesson 3: The team matters
  • Lesson 4: Money makes things happen
    • Expertise costs

5 Call to action

  1. Start thinking about Black swans (before it's too late)
  2. Improve resourcing of maintenance and R&D efforts
  3. Value contributors and their contributions
  4. Get out your wallet xD
  5. Contribute

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