Trey Hunner



  • PEP 8
    • Read it every 6 month
    • It's not your project style guide
    • It's just a start point
  • Naming things
    • Don't be afraid of using long variable names
    • Use tuple unpacking in for loop
    • Optimize for accuracy instead of short variable names
    • Instead of commenting operation, consider using descriptive variables.
  • Programming idioms
    • duplicated code around other code → context manager → contextlib
    • list from list → list comprehension
    • Operator Overloading, Abstract Base Classes
    • Functions with shared data → class
  • Readability checklist
    1. Can I modify line breaks to improve clarity?
    2. Can I create a variable name for unnamed code?
    3. Can I add a comment to improve clarity?
    4. Can I turn a comment into a better variable name?
    5. Can I use a more specific programming construct?
    6. Have I stated detailed preferences in a style guide?

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