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  • Speaker

    • Dustin Ingram (twitter)
      • Organize PyTexas
      • PyPi contributor
  • Topics

    • dev, test env
    • dependency workflows
    • linting & autoformatting
    • go to prod
  • Focus: anything that's not code and will be check into code base

dev, test environment

Your development environment.
"But it works on my machine"

You laptop is not production.

  • Problem: virtualenv only isolate Python. Platform-level stuff are still shared.

  • Fully isolate a reproducible environments

    • containerization (e.g., docker)
      • Dockerfile
      • docker-compose

A modern workflow for dependencies

  • Problems: When install a new package and it depends on newer version of old dependency, it might upgrade unnoticeably.

  • Don't pip freeze > requirements.txt anymore

    • Bad
      • Get everything from your system
    • Good
      • Version pinning
      • Managing sub-dependencies


  • pip-tools

  • Pin and compile the dependencies and sub-dependencies
    sh pip-compile requirements.in

  • Pinning and compiling only get 90%
    • Artifact hashing
      • pip compile --generate-hashes requirements.in
      • pip install --require-hashes -r requirements.txt
  • Now our deps are 100% frozen

When / How to upgrade dependencies

  • When: early and often
  • How: automated dependency services → scan you repo and see your deps

Linting and autoformatting

Use black

Taking your env to prod

Through services that supports deployment through container


  1. Use docker
  2. Use docker-compose
  3. Use pip-compile from pip-tools
  4. Use dependabot / pyup.io
    for auto-upgrade deps
  5. Use dependabot
  6. Deploy your docker container to prod

Q & A

  • Q: pipenv, poetry or pip-tools
    • A: Personal preference

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