Radoslav Georgiev



Team Leader's perspective

  1. Productivity
  2. Confidence (keep product stable)
  3. Independence
  4. Well-being
  5. Less context switching
  6. Someone being blocked
  7. Morale

Software Development

  • constant regression
  • constant merge conflicts
    • split python modules by domain
    • split big test files into test file per thing that you are testing
  • local setup
    • accounts
      • make sure everyone has an account/access/keys for everything needed before they need it
      • keep a spreadsheet of accounts & 3td parties
    • documentation
      • relentlessly document
      • test it
      • onboarding new people is your final test
    • setup scripts
  • speed of tests
    • pytest-xdist


  • Clients often don't know the exact details of the things they want, so ask them a lot of questions!
  • Make sure everyone on your team reads the features description fully, before starting to work.

Explicit is better than implicit

  • Bug
    • Have an explicitly "firefighter" for the week
    • Rotate everyone on that position
  • Explicit Git & GitHub workflows
  • Refactoring PRs separated from feature PRs
  • Team rules
    • Better visibility at explicit expeetation
    • Onboard new people
  • Have an explicit team lead
    • leads should focus on enabling their teams do their job well
    • Rotate team leads every week, so everyone knows what its' like to be on that position.
  • Conflict
    • over communicate with all parties involved
    • Read books on management & leadership
  • Adapt
    • Establish processes but don't follow them blindly.
    • Things change.

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