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  • Present better in front of the company
  • Being a software engineer is much more than coding, its about good communication
  • Getting better at crucial conversation
  • Great trick for introverts to meet people

Overcoming our fear

  1. nervous
    • find your harbor
  2. forget something to say
    • practice your comeback if you forget what to say
    • rehearse potential problem (e.g., projector not working)
    • blank out on stage
      • "Let's skip this for now"
      • Drink water
  3. being exposed as a fraud
    • the art of saying "I don't know"
  4. not being good enough
    • imposter syndrome
    • But, how good is good enough?
      • Attend conference talks. You need reference.

How to get better?

  • The Lean Startup model

    • Build
    • Measure
    • Learn
    • Repeat
  • Building the proposal and the talk

    • Pick topics you're truly interested in
    • Check the call for proposal from first
      • also show how you can modify your talk for a short slot
    • Who, what and how
    • tell about your own experience
    • apply again
  • Measure / Learn
    • Gather feedback from audience
    • Watch your presentation
    • Take notes on what questions are being asked. They're what people interested in.
  • Repeat
    • reuse your talk in different occasions

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